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Open Positions

Post Doctoral Fellow

The postdoc will work on various research projects related to lipid metabolism, adipose tissue, and atherosclerosis using techniques ranging from in cell assays, mass spectrometry, small animal physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, histology, and flow cytometry. The primary project (NIH funded) is to identify the role of HDL function and proteome in stroke using a biracial human cohort. He or she will collaborate with research assistants, graduate students, and other postdocs in addition to reporting to the PI and interacting with the PI’s collaborators. He or she will assist in developing methods as required by the project’s progress and integrate with the KCVI/OHSU network of cores and laboratory expertise to maximize efficiency and reduce experimental costs. The successful candidate is expected to have proficiency in a vast array of molecular and cellular biology techniques, to be competent in our field of study, and to be prepared to assemble, analyze, interpret, and organize data into scientific presentations including original papers. Experience in mass spectrometry, proteomics (tryptic digest, sample preparation) and big data analysis (statistical tools such as R or phyton) is highly recommended but not necessary if the candidate is willing to learn.

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