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Recent Publications

  • Hagai Tavori, Alexandra M. Fenton, Deanna L. Plubell, Paige Bergstrom, Joshua Miles, Sara Rosario, Rayna Gasik, Elisabeth Yerkes, Jessica Minnier, Sergio Fazio, Nathalie Pamir*. Elevated lipoprotein(a) levels lower ABCA1 cholesterol efflux capacity. JCEM, 2019

  • Nathalie Pamir*, Calvin Pan, Deanna L. Plubell, Patrick M. Hutchins, Thomas Vallim, Jay W. Heinecke, Aldon J. Lusis. Genetic control of HDL protein composition. Journal of Lipid Research, Mar;60(3):594-608,2019

  • Gutiérrez OM, Irvin MR, Chaudhary NS, Cushman M, Zakai NA, David VA, Limou S, Nathalie Pamir, Reiner AP, Naik RP, Sale MM, Safford MM, Hyacinth HI, Judd SE, Kopp JB, Winkler CA. APOL1 nephropathy risk variants and incident cardiovascular disease events in community-dwelling Black adults. Circulation Genetics, Jun;11(6):e002098, 2018

  • Deanna L. Plubell, Phillip A. Wilmarth, Paige Bergstrom, Yuqi Zhao, Alexandra M. Fenton, Jessica Minnier, Jay W. Heinecke, Xia Yang, Larry David, and Nathalie Pamir*. Diet-independent proteome-wide alterations in adipose tissue link dendritic cells to 2-aminoadipoate associated insulin sensitivity. Scientific Reports, Jul 31;8(1):11485, 2018.

  • Nathalie Pamir*, Patrick M. Hutchins, Graziella E. Ronsein, Hao Wei, Chongren Tang, Riku Das, Tomas Vaisar, Edward Plow, Volker Schuster, Catherine A. Reardon, Richard Weinberg, David A. Dichek, Santica Marcovina, Godfrey S. Getz, Jay W. Heinecke. Plasminogen promotes cholesterol efflux by the ABCA1 pathway. JCI insight, 2(15): e92176, 2017

  • Deanna L. Plubell, Phillip A. Wilmarth, Yuqi Zhao, Alexandra M. Fenton, Jessica Minnier, Ashok P. Reddy, John Klimek, Xia Yang, Larry David, and Nathalie Pamir*. Extended multiplexing of tandem mass tags (TMT) labeling reveals age and high fat diet specific proteome changes in mouse epididymal adipose tissue. Molecular& Cellular Proteomics 16: 8730890, 2017

  • Sergio Fazio and Nathalie Pamir. HDL particle size and functional heterogeneity. Circ Res. 2016 119:704-707.

  • Nathalie Pamir*, Patrick Hutchins, Graziella Ronsein, Tomas Vaisar, Catherine Reardon-Alulis, Godfrey Getz, Aldons J Lusis, Jay W. Heinecke. Proteomic analysis of HDL from inbred mouse strains implicates APOE in the regulation of sterol efflux by the ABCA1 pathway of macrophages. J Lipid Res. 2016 Feb;57(2):246-57 PMID: 26673204.

  • Nathalie Pamir*, Ning-Chun Liu, Angela Irvin, Lev Becker, Yu Feng Peng, Graziella E. Ronsein, Karin E. Bornfeldt, Jeremy S. Duffield, Jay W. Heinecke. et al. Granulocyte/Macrophage Colony-stimulating Factor-dependent Dendritic Cells Restrain Lean Adipose Tissue Expansion. Journal of Biological Chemistry 290, 14656–14667 (2015).

  • Graziella Ronsein, Nathalie Pamir, von Haller Priska, Kim DS, Oda MN, Jarvik GP, Vaisar T, Heinecke JW Parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) and selected reaction monitoring (SRM) exhibit comparable linearity, dyanamic range and precision for targeted quantitative HDL proteomics. J Proteomics 2015 113:388-99 PMID: 25449833.

  • Patrick M. Hutchins, Graziella E. Ronsein, Jeffrey S. Monette, Nathalie Pamir, Jake Wimberger, Yi He, G.M. Anantharamaiah, Daniel Seung Kim, Jane E. Ranchalis, Gail P. Jarvik, Tomas Vaisar, Jay W. Heinecke. Accurate Quantification of High Density Lipoprotein Particle Concentration by Calibrated Ion Mobility Analysis. Clin Chem 2014, 11:1393-401 PMID:25225166

  • Jung-Ting Lee#, Nathalie Pamir#, Ning-Chun Liu, Elizabeth A. Kirk, Michelle M. Averill, Karin E. Bornfeldt, Renee LeBoeuf, and Jay W. Heinecke. Macrophage metalloelastase regulates, obesity, insulin sensitivity, and macrophage activation. Endocrinology 2014, 2014 Sep;155(9):3409-20 PMID: 24914938, #co-first author.

  • Lev Becker, Ning-Chung Liu, Michelle M. Averill, Wei Yuan, Nathalie Pamir, Yufeng Peng, Angela, D. Irwin, Xiaoyun Fu, Karin E. Bornfeldt, and Jay W. Heinecke. Unique Proteomic Signatures Distinguish Macrophages and Dendritic Cells. PlosOne 2012;7(3):e33297, PMID:22428014

  • Nathalie Pamir, Tim Mcmillen, Kimberly A. Edgel, Francis Kim, and Renee LeBoeuf. Mice deficient in lymphotoxin alpha are protected from diet induced obesity and insulin resistance while exhibiting high levels of inflammation. Am. J. Physiol., 2012, 15;302(8):E961-71, PMID: 22318945

  • K.A. Edgel, T.S. Mcmillen, H. Wei, Nathalie Pamir, B. Houston, and R. LeBoeuf. Obesity and Weight Loss Result in Increased Adipose Tissue ABCG1 Expression in db/db Mice. Biochimica Biophys Acta, 2012, 1821(3):425-34, PMID:22179025

  • Nathalie Pamir, Timothy S. McMillen, Karl J. Kaiyala, Michael W. Schwartz, and Renee C. LeBoeuf. Receptors for Tumor Necrosis Alpha play a protective role in obesity and alter adipose tissue macrophage status.  Enodcrinology, 2009, 150(9): 4124-34, PMID: 19477937.

  • Nathalie Pamir, Timothy S. McMillen, and Renee C. LeBoeuf.  Overexpression of apolipoprotein A5 in mice is not protective against body weight gain and aberrant glucose homeostasis.  Metabolism, 2009, 58(4):560-7,  PMID: 19303979

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